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NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 virus many changes have been made and more. Social distancing / minimizing the number of people we have extended the work week and added 2nd and 3rd shifts in some locations. All orders are on schedule but can vary from time to time ! Please take this into consideration when ordering.

All orders start the following business day received and ship free UPS or FedEx ground, depending on the weight freight may apply. Example: Orders placed on Thursday, our system receives these orders on Friday and are processed on Monday, orders placed Friday, Saturday and Sunday our system receives these orders on Monday and are processed on Tuesday. Once your order is placed you will receive an email confirmation of your order. When your order has been completed and shipped you will receive another email saying so. If you did not receive our Order Confirmation # via email, it may have been put in your junk/spam. Never Run Short - Please order according to the following times! Our goal is to process your order as efficiently and quickly as possible, please let us go to work for you..

Calculated in Business Days:
The following production times or better, again calculated in business days: Most products other than noted are estimated to take 3-10 business days, continuous products & printed envelopes 10-18, all orders of 10,000 or more may require additional time, if a custom company logo is applicable (1st time orders only) add 1-3 business days. Shipping is additional to the production times, standard ground shipping is estimated 1-5 business days, freight is add 3-5 to the estimated standard ground. Sorry - We do not offer Rushes, Expedited Shipping, Tracking Numbers or Promised delivery dates.

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