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Penny Wise Printing reviews of the most popular Pricing Guns, Labels & Accessories are the METO Pricing Gun 1 Line 6 Character our D8500 and the 1 Line 8 Character our D8504. The accessories needed for the purchase of these pricing guns are the 1091 METO 1 & 2 Line Pricing Gun Ink Roller Refill and a variety of pricing gun labels, printed and non-printed. 1571 White METO Labels - BLANK, 1573 Neon Red Labels – BLANK, 1575 Yellow METO Labels - BLANK and 1571-1 White Labels - PRINTED, 1573-1 Neon Red Labels - PRINTED and 1575-1 Yellow Labels - PRINTED. There is also a 2 Line 15 Character Pricing Gun and that is the D8505, using the same ink roller refill as the 1 line pricing guns but different size labels. The labels are our 1572 White Labels – BLANK, 1574 Neon Red Labels – BLANK and the 1572-1 White Labels - PRINTED and 1574-1 Neon Red Labels – PRINTED. These products and much more can be found on the left under the title Product Index and Pricing Guns & Labels.

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