Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked question we hear is:

We searched our product item number online and found your company, is it the same item and how do you offer this product for so much less?
Our Response is:
Yes, many of the product item numbers, names, descriptions, images and specifications will look to be the same as seen elsewhere, because they are!  If you have found one familiar product item number, you will find many others that are the same as well.
If you can’t find a product you are currently purchasing, please visit our Contact Us page, leave us a brief description with the product item number, then let us go to work for you..
Our Prices are based on:
“What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) - No New Customer Discounts / Promotional / Coupon Codes here! 99 percent of the products sold here are based on a product item number search online for a better price, then finding that product at the type of discount you are looking for and making the purchase.  This repetition equals high sales volume and the discounts you see.
Our website was carefully thought out and designed for a Self-Service Checkout, by doing so we can offer greatly reduced prices and the true value of the products sold.

SHIPS FREE - Shipping from 15 states with 23 locations
Many see a value in what we offer, we hope you will too!

Visit our RESALE PROGRAM / TRADE PRINTER on the left side under the title MORE INFORMATION

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