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F.A.Q. The most frequently asked question we hear is:
We searched our product online and found your company. Is it the same? How do you offer this for so much less?

Our Response is:
Many of the product item numbers, names, descriptions, images and specifications may resemble what is found elsewhere!  "The Real Deal is Sold Here!" No knock offs sold here, if you have found one familiar product, you will find others. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us online in writing here at our > CONTACT US page, give us the item number, description. Please, Let us go to work for you!

Our Prices are based on:
What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) - No New Customer Discounts and No Coupon Codes given here! We don't play those games (that is) giving you a big discount on your first time order then price gouging you on the return order. When considering our FREE SHIPPING and our pricing we are well below the parent companies retail pricing. We do not add items to your online order. Our Online Self Service ordering eliminates this. The repetition of orders received here allows us to provide you a product at its true value!

Please plan ahead - Nothing is as it was prior to COVID!
Our goal is to process your order as efficiently as possible! - We would appreciate your business! - Please let us go to work for you! SHIPS FREE-TRUSTED BY THOUSANDS SINCE 1988-REAL DEAL SOLD HERE!

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“Our prices reflect you’re not paying for those who haven’t.”
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