Custom Vinyl Stickers

Specially shaped custom vinyl stickers

If you need a special kind of label or sticker, you might explore our selection of special application labels. As with all of our other decals, these are available as well as custom business card magnets. Is the shape of your custom vinyl stickers rather unusual? Have you had a hard time finding these anywhere else? One item among our special decals is the specialty label available in these shapes:

  • Arrow
  • Octagon
  • Inverted corner rectangle
  • Heart
  • Starburst
  • Jewelry tag
  • Diamond

Custom label printing, innovative stickers

Things have changed. Once upon a time, if you stuck a sticker, it was stuck. Not anymore. Now, there are Pressabels, static cling, and ultra-removable labels, great for a variety of applications. Custom vinyl stickers that aren't so sticky work wonderfully when you want to be able to move your labels around or if you are concerned about leaving residue on an item. And the clear or white static cling labels hang onto smooth surfaces or glass purely by the force of static electricity. Finally, Pressabels are wonderful to use as mouse-pads (yes, you can order them to be that large) or desk mats (and larger still). Custom label printing, obviously, is part of the deal here, with any easy four-step ordering process that allows you to select the shape and size, stock (which can be tamper evident), color, and type style. Artwork can be enlarged or reduced to apply to these ingenious little cling-ons, and the price is, as you might expect, quite low compared to what you might find elsewhere. And don't forget: shipping is free, so order away. You'll be applying (and re-applying) your new custom stickers in no time.

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