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Prismatic blank laser checks: 
Penny Wise Printing reviews of the most popular Blank Laser Check Stock sold include our Prismatic Laser Checks like our Blank Top Laser Check 83501 a.k.a. SLT831, DSLT831, the Blank Middle Laser Check 83502 a.k.a. SLM832, DSLM832 and our Blank Bottom Laser Checks 83503 a.k.a. SLB833, DSLB833. Our prismatic laser checks are designed with a blended background of security features that include a Thermochromic Heat sensitive ink lock icon that disappears under the heat of scanner and copier devices. Laser checks also include a True watermark on chemically sensitive 24lb paper with visible embedded fibers, invisible fluorescent fibers, toner adhesion, erasure protection, high resolution microprint border elements and original document backer with security screen, warning box and chemical-wash detection area, shipped in tamper-evident packaging. These products can be found on the left under the title Product Index and Blank Laser Checks.  

All other blank laser checks:
True watermark chemically sensitive 24lb paper with microprint border, invisible fluorescent fibers, erasure protection, security screen & warning box backer, shipped in tamper-evident packaging. These products can be found on the left under the title Product Index and Blank Laser Checks.  - IN-STOCK READY TO SHIP - 

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