Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines

The quality of your imprint begins with your artwork.

Full Color, 4 Color Process, CMYK Custom Printed Labels & Stickers
When creating your art file keep in mind:
We have 1/64" tolerance when being manufactured, so the following requirements are a must.
Type: Minimum 8 point overall.
Line Thickness: Minimum .75 point overall. 
If your art design is reduced to fit a label size, the type point size / line thickness above still applies. 
Bleeds and screens are included for the price shown. 

"DO NOT flatten the artwork"
If you work with templates, keep them on a separate layer. 

Let's Get Started!
1) Create your art file in 4 Color Process and save in CMYK mode, embed all images.
2) Start with the label size, the label size is also known as the cut line.
3) Keep your imprint 1/16" "inside" (not on) the label size/cut line.
4) If bleeds are required, extend your bleed 1/16" beyond the label size/cut line.
For a quick reference please see the product image, here you can see the details of 1-4 above.

All other categories reference the following.

For the best results, we require Adobe Illustrator converted to outlines and saved as PDF, ink colors are to be K black and shades of black. Absolutely No Full Color / CMYK or RGB files. Shades of black will not apply to all Business Forms - Pre-Printed). Any file less than what has been mentioned may hinder the print quality and could be subject to decline. Word files, Word files saved as PDF or any other type of file will not meet the artwork requirements mentioned above. All copy should be 6 points or larger and lines should be no thinner than .5 pt.. See Your Purchase includes this is located on the product page.
Know the resolution of your artwork / logo file(s).
It is your responsibility to know the resolution of your artwork / logo file(s) before attaching it to your order. We will not held responsible for the print quality of any art / logo file that does not meet our requirements mentioned above or is less than 300 DPI/Resolution. This applies to all orders; new orders or reorders. Web images are not acceptable for printing and PLEASE DO NOT re-save your low resolution file to a higher resolution, upon review of your file we can see if this has taken place (this will not increase the print quality).  PLEASE NOTE: We cannot print a logo from a printed sample, this is not considered as artwork.
To determine the resolution of your artwork / logo.
To determine the resolution of a jpg, etc.; Open the file then right click on the picture and click on properties, here you will be able to see your Horizontal and Vertical resolutions. Changing the resolution does not change the print quality.
Please remember web images are not acceptable for printing!
Do not re-save your low resolution art at a higher resolution, as this is not acceptable!

Many see a value in what we offer, we hope you will too!

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