105T a.k.a. 105T-2, 105T-3 105T-4, 105T-5 Shipping Invoice Form - Carbonless

105T a.k.a. 105T-2, 105T-3 105T-4, 105T-5 Shipping Invoice Form - Carbonless
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This shipping invoice includes order number, what's shipped, what's back-ordered, payment terms and more.
Form size is: 8-1/2" x 7-5/8" (detached 7")

Your Purchase includes:
Your personalization options shown in steps 1 and 2 using standard default type styles / fonts, sizes and type positioning (regardless of your provided sample) on this standard product template item number. If you require a specific look, please provide the artwork for this order. Artwork Imprint Size/Area is: 2-7/8” wide X 3/4” tall

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